Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 Running Experience

Condura Marathon, Feb 2012

It is a unique experience for a running enthusiast like me hahahah – running over the skyway! I love the Race Shirt! It has a unique design saying “I Ran for the Mangroves plus i got a medal for running 5K.

Takbo para sa Karunungan, March 2012

Ancop Global Walk, August 2012

DZMM Takbo Para sa Karunungan, a fun run that benefit the scholars from Sendong-hit Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.

Yeah i know we have to walk in Ancop Global Walk but it seems so fun to enjoy the walk with a jump shot.

The ANCOP Global Walk is an annual fundraising event of CFC ANCOP which aims to raise awareness and funds for Couple's for Christ's work with the poor.
Run United 2, June 2012
Run United 3, September 2012

Run United 2&3 is the race were all through out i walk ahhahahah. It was no surprise that I was starting to tire out.  In truth, it was just as I had expected with the lack of training.

Next year, i will run again and am not going to walk! Thank you so much to SNAP for sponsoring our run!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Looking Back: 12 months of 2012

There are so many great great things that happened to me this year and am so grateful to God for putting things in order and always guiding me. The 12 months of 2012 enumerates a series of increasingly grand gifts given by God as He uses my family and friends to enjoy life and appreciate His blessings to me however I failed to write any blog for 2012 whhhhaaa, anyway so here it is!

On the 1st month of 2012, I let go of my service  being the chapter leader in Sta Mesa, its been a year of discernment and I have come to the end of my service and turnover the service to a new leader. In the beginning am having a second thought if I made the right decision to let it go but I was reminded by God that everything I have is only temporary that the Lord want me to let others experience the same love he has showed to me.  In addition, God speaks to me during the CFC Leaders Conference in Baguio where He says “It is not the role or position, it’s who you are my child, go and make disciple. May you always journey with mama Mary and you will be victorious my child. True enough God reveal himself to say YES to any opportunity that He will give to me because He replaced my service with a much much better and am happy that He allowed me to continue my service in Mary the Queen Parish where I am blessed to meet new people and become closer to Him.

In preparation for the upcoming Holy Week and to fully experience His sacrifice that he has made for me I started a 40 days of fasting on the 2nd month of 2012 wwhaaa no meat! It’s a learning curve for me because there are times that I forgot am in fasting but those were the days I was able to reflect of who I am with other people and how i relate to them where I realize I can be easily influence by people in making a decision, likewise in this journey I learn to control myself specifically my emotions and wants in life and to become faithful in prayer and in loving others.

Baclayon Church in Bohol is the most memorable place i have ever had because God had shown me that my life will also unfold and change like the clouds in the sky. Am about to give up na on the 1st night of ICON but with prayer and petition the following day God  answered my prayer whhhhoooo am so happy and i cant contain my happiness! I felt that I would burst if i kept it to myself. That weekend i was reminded to have Faith and to fully entrust everything to God.

On the 3rd month of 2012 and in almost 3 months God invited me to a various talk and all the topic that am giving relates of who i am in the present. It was so amazing how God reminded me to experience his goodness. 

This is also the month where i met and had my first household with my new Cluster Head.

I wanted to have a despidida fellowship with my dearest SFCs in sta mesa in a different way so  i  organized Visita Iglesia on the 4th month of 2012. We visit 7 historical and old churches in Laguna and i was overwhelmed of how the Lord inspired everyone, starting the journey by praying the Holy Rosary all the way to Laguna and in between each churches.

On the 4th month of 2012, finally i was able to go to Sagada, it was not raining and there is no typhoon, Praised God! There aren't enough words to describe how beautiful this place is, a spelunking to Sumaguing Cave, known locally as the “Big Cave”.  A vast formation of stalactites & stalagmites beautifully carved by time.

On the 5th month of 2012 God continuously shows me His Love as i share to my fellow SFCs His Love for me in the most important day of my life. I celebrated my birthday giving a talk on Gods Love.

I was also blessed to reminisced my experience in Masbate wwwhaaa so love to go back to this place. It was my first time to be in a mission trip with my Cluster Head and other Chapter Leader and experience joy and fun filled mission.

Seeing a rainbow after Irma & Art's wedding reminded me to dream on and to be hopeful that at the end of that rainbow is my one and only love. “Surely, that bright golden glow would yield up some riches,” In Gods time am getting married too!

On the 6th month of 2012 i joined the cheer dance competition in office, this is the first time after 10 years that i become part of companies sports fest wwwhhhhaaa Thank God that i was able to endure one week of practice, it was a stress free activity where i got a chance to share my talent and Praised God that we won the competition!


On the 7th month of 2012 am really BLESSED being part of the MMC specifically experiencing the Love of God in the first ever ever MMC Pilgrimage where i become the bus leader and where God brings joy to my heart.
On the 8th month of 2012 i am blessed and honored of Iris, the most passionate, talented and loving SFCs full time worker, going home late in service and waking up early to meet me in McDo for the MV Training. I would like to honor her for her commitment and dedication in serving and in loving God. Thank you so much Iris, your one of a kind, likewise thank you for teaching me how to love hahahah parang kanta lang! Seriously i will treasure all the moment you have spend with me and for being my mentor :) i was able to finally create my mission and vision in life and apply the SFC Lifestyle My Mission Statement "To live each day with love, compassion, integrity so that i can make a difference and live life to the fullest in helping other people"

Who would have thought that i can dance in one of the YFC event called "ROCK Conference" with 3minutes of practice and with God's grace, seems i was able to graciously enjoy and follow the music and likewise confidently be an emcee, that was the first and last! hahahha

Thanks much to my Cluster Head for giving me such opportunity to enjoy and show that i have the ability to dance hehehehe

On the 9th month of 2012 i had an opportunity to personally talk to Tita Aileen (CFC Family Min Head) we didn't know each other but i was surprise when we met in ladies restroom in Shangrila where she was able to recognize me (needless that i know she find time in knowing me in FB) i will always remember her experience and miracles that happen in her journey with the Lord. I was really inspired with how God uses her and Tito Bob because it seems she has a special lane with Lord.  I cried in tears listening to her and  was really moved when she shared to me their experience in one of their mission trip abroad and how the Lord speaks to them through the Pedro Calungsod musical play.

Having a great partner in MTQ and support from SFC Sta Mesa and CFCs we are blessed to have the 1st CLP in Mary the Queen Parish.

All through out our CLP God reminded me of this verse from Matthew "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

On the 10th month of 2012 finally i was able to bring my niece/nephew in one of the Company Family Day, yaya na yaya este nanay na nanay ang dating from eating, walking and playing, feeling lang may anak hahahha. It was such a wonderful experience being with my niece, their such a smart girl/boy and i so love taking care of them, wag lang makulit hahhaha

On the 11th month of 2012 is an awesome, grateful answered prayer from God. I remember my bucket list last January of 2011 and journal last February 2012 where i have written that i wanted to have a vacation in Singapore and here it is! with Gods grace and abundant blessings that He wants me to experience joy and love! The Gift of being faithful to God in prayer. I am really thankful and blessed that He uses my friends to make my dreams come through. Thank you so much to Ate Lorie, Ate Sherlane and to Ode!

Praised God for giving me another Gift because aside from experiencing Singapore, He allowed me to travel in Kuala Lumpur whhhoooo so blessed and thank you so much Lord.

I left Manila sad and worried about my parents but the Lord made it a point to enjoy life and enjoy His gift. My journey in Singapore and KL is an affirmation from God on how He truly Love me. He has a lot of surprises and unexpected gift that i will treasure for the rest of my life. I love you Lord and thank you so much

I may not have a GG right now but i have a BB as in Best Blessing of the year! Cheers to 2012 and Welcome to a abundant and loving 2013 :)

Going out of town with my parents is likewise a gift from God, inspired with one of the topic in our household i was being reminded of my dreams of bringing them to Boracay este Corregidor.

I super enjoyed my travel with them because it was my mom who took all my jump shot pictures, first time to handle a camera and it looks great!

On the 12th month of 2012 where i attend the Prayer Retreat for the Mission Volunteer was a reckoning of my encounter with the Lord. I am just so happy that God finds a way to fulfill His promises to me and He reminded me to vigilantly focus on Him in prayer, to listen to Him more and more and to have a good attitude while waiting.

The retreat ended with a message song"...deeper and deeper am falling in love with You....a thousand year"

Lastly, after 1 year & 8 months in office, my first time to visit the operation site though it was raining and not a good time to really explore the place but am thankful to God for giving me an opportunity to experience working outside the office. 

It was a long 10 hours of journey going to this place but i had fun, it was a journey full of joy, dreams and fulfillment.

2012 has the most number of question i have encountered about my age "how old i am" wwwhaaaa i cant answer them right away specially if He is a guy, i am afraid of telling them my real age! can they just look at me and guess how old i am and that's it? hehehhe anyway i know i am blessed to have a good looking, sexy and younger face...the secret? smile, be happy and enjoy life even if your single!

Welcome 2013 and thank you so much to everyone who made a difference in my life.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

11 people am Grateful for 2011

Inspired by the David Award that was given to CFC-SFC, i decided to come up with my own list of 11 people who made a big impact in my life for 2011.

Of course no one else but my parents, i really want to honor them as am blessed to have them as my parents. Sa natatangi kong ina for your love and support, who wakes up early to prepare my breakfast and lunch hehehe at sa tatay ko who always remind me to bring my cellphone and umbrella everytime i leave the house.

To all my beautiful, pogi at gwapong pamangkin, you were all the source of my joy, even if the house is small when they gather together I feel like our house is a mansion because they can run and play anywhere they want.
Yeye, my first pamangkin, so adorable and charming. She is now in Grade 1 and she reads very well. I always want to bring her in any gathering that required kids representative hehehe as if she is my own child.

Jhian, whom i thought can’t talk well but now a talkative boy and am really impress when he speak to me in English.

JY tatay called him American boy but, i will always remember him as sweet boy...also a talkative one, whenever i ask  him whose gwapo he will really raise his hands.

He loves to pose :)

Joshua, who is suplado when he was a little boy but am glad that he is close to me now  because of my laptop and ipad as he loves to play angry bird ang ninja fruits

Jamjam, a younger version of Joshua who is also suplada but if you will ask her na you will go down she will immediately come to you.

Hamphrey i rarely see him but my tatay called him German boy kasi super cute nya

Ms Elvi who keeps on reminding me to spend time with family. Thank you for not giving up on me, for without you i don't have a job right now were there when am down and hurt and confuse.

My brother Glenn, if my mom is not home he will cook for me and to my dearest brother Pevy who spend almost all of the expenses at home hehehe

Spiritual Director Sis Bheng and Bro Ronnie. God bring them into my life as I met Sis Bheng first quarter of the year and i met Bro Ronnie last quarter of the year when i joined the Silent Retreat. I will never forget how blessed i am being directed by them. I may not have their picture but they will always be in my heart.

Lara & Rodel, they fondly call each other "G" short for "GG" Gods Gift and now its "GGG" Gods Greatest Gift. I can say that they are now my fav couple, i am so inspired by how they began their relationship, by how they serve in SFC that they need not be together in one activity as they value first the service for the Lord. I can honestly say that i hope to find myself in a relationship as great as theirs by next year 2012 :)


Bro. Ode. I rarely chat with him but whenever i got a chance to talk to him he is an amazing person and am thankful i have known him. Sometimes its so easy to get jaded and to just think of yourself but he is the guy who will really push you to do more and to die in service.

Sharon, a good example of how she truly loves her mom and I really admire her for such especially when she went home giving up her job abroad just to take care of her mom. A fighter at the same time and it’s something to be emulated.

Christopher West. You wont believe it but i run after him when i saw him during the CFC Anniversary in Luneta.

He is a Catholic author and speaker, best known for his work on Pope John Paul II’s series of audience addresses entitled the Theology of the Body.

It was not just me who were inspired by Fr. Joel Jason but everyone in the community. I thank the Lord that i was able to hear and listen to him during our session in Theology of the Body.

He is the author of the book Free love true love, love it!

Finally, where i gave my heart and time ...CFC-SFC family which is the biggest gift God had given me. Being a member of SFC is one of the most amazing experience of my life, each year is a different experience but this year had a great contribution in all areas of my life.

This picture was taken when we had our run for a cause to one of our dear sister in Christ Zai Engracia, she made an impact not just to me but to everyone as well.

Definitely, the guy you have been waiting to know, he is the reason my heart is beating hehehhehe, okay, okay, i don't personally know him and he is a celebrity but i just dream that someday i may meet a guy like him :) tall, adventurous and good looking but seriously a guy who will give his all in service.

Lastly, thank you to all who have touched my life with their own, i may not mentioned your name but you know who you are.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I love iPad and i like Galaxy Tab

Why have an iPad? i know its unreasonable answer but honestly i want an iPad because a couple of my officemate bought their own iPads and were constantly using and bragging about it and how it was so good and that it does so much..actually I already wanted an iPad last year pa but i was torn between buying a laptop or an iPad but i see the importance of a laptop. This time it's for a different reason I find it so heavy to carry laptop specially when your riding an MRT so i requested my second mom in the office if she can buy it for me then i will pay her since her husband is coming and after a long conversation and sermon she said just show how she loves me heheheh

Needless to say when we had our Christmas party i got the second major prize in the raffle...a galaxy God is good and am so blessed to got it but i dont know which one to retain? Deciding between the two tablet is hard hehehehe my officemate says to sell the galaxy but my brother want to trade the galaxy tab with his dslr so without a second thought i said yes to him.

I'll list things that thrill me about the iPad and galaxy tab.  It's hard to put these in order, because they are all important to me.
The Galaxy tab pictures and camera looks vibrant.  Compared to the iPad, the photos looked washed out heheheh

The iPad screen is, of course, totally addictive.  I find myself touching the laptop keyboard, my finger just fits on its virtual  keyboard

The Galaxy tab size is marvellous.  It fits in my purse.  This to me is a big plus over iPad because no one really wants to lug around a big tablet when you're on the go.

I love the apps in galaxy tab its free unlike in ipad.

You may find that there are more things i like about the galaxy tab but i preferred to use iPad hehehe

Monday, December 19, 2011

Looking Back, Looking Around, Looking Forward & Looking Up

Walking towards the venue of our retreat i got a lot of questions...why I am here Lord? What are you trying to remind me? As this is the same venue where I had my silent retreat 7 months we had dinner followed by an orientation and during the orientation we are being reminded not to talk with our co retreatants..wwhhhaaa silent retreat pala ito talaga....which am surprise as I thought someone will talk and we will just listen.

When we went out the orientation room and got the sked of our Spiritual Director...again a lot of question going on in my am really questioning God why I am here? What are you trying to remind me? Did i missed anything from what i got in my last retreat?

i woke up with the same question in my head, thank God I will now have the chance to talk to my SD (Spiritual Director) and I told him frankly what's in my head..and i just listen to him.  I find it's a quick conversation but It took us 45minutes. He gave me prayer exercise and it was really a struggle as am starting comparing what I did in my first silent retreat. The prayer exercise is the same exercise I got and I can't answer body wants to sleep and my mind is full of wonders and questions. I read the exercise ten times but still nothing is coming out in my head. When my SD gave the second exercise still my mind is full of questions wwhaaaa i cried with my SD why am having such conversation...i prayed for a few sec but my body want to sleep and just i relax until i fell asleep and finally the Lord ask me "are u still sleeping and taking your rest? Get up, do what you have come for?...listen to my words and acts on them"

I prayed the rosary asking for the intercession of mama mary and I got a very striking message when Mary said yes to the angel who came in unto her...and she said be hold the handmaid of the Lord, be it  unto me according to thy word.

First manifestation of Jesus to me is when am about to have my dinner...I walk towards the kitchen looking for a bowl and I can't find any so I sat down and walk again and needless that I know the bowl is in the table already hahahah and I realized that I don't have to look far or look somewhere else because the answer is just right beside me... God already prepared the bowl of greatness for was very simple but the Lord speak to me very well in that manner.

We went for the simbang gabi and the sermon was very inspiring as the priest talk about something is coming ....I don't know how I don't know when and it speaks the situation am going through...who knows it's the love of my life...I just had to say yes to the Lord.

I like my SD actually even though in the beginning I feel awkward about him as he is a guy but he speak very well and he knows what his telling me..he ask me to recall the time I said yes to God and the things am grateful for. He even gave me a book entitle ALAB its a 70 day prayer exercise.

In prayer # 3 I beg God for the grace to let go of my comparisonitize and be present to the purpose of why am in a retreat the prayer guide had help me a lot see who is the star of my life...who am I following for and why I am following him. The story of the magi in Matthew 2:1-12 had brought me to truly answer the purpose of my retreat hahaha ah anyway the prayer which was given to us fervor and draw strength and hope with me as I realized I am full of wishes, full of desires and full of expectations.

Another simple yet powerful manifestation of God with me is when I want to use the heater in the shower room but i don't know how to turn it on, I don't know how to use it even if I twist and turn the red color until I stop...the following day, out of nowhere while i am having shower  the water suddenly become hot and i was surprise how did it happen? i never tried to change anything or turn on anything and i realized that God will not allow me to leave the retreat house without getting anything, without using what i want, without enjoying what i need and so he give it to me without me asking for it. The message actually that i got is the Lord will just surprise us if we will just allow ourself to follow him, mostly the answer to the question is already in front of me.

Jenny, the goal of your life is to live with me forever, I gave you life because I love you. Your response of love allows my life to flow into you without limit. All the things in this world are my gifts, presented to you so that you can know me more easily and return your love to me more readily. I want you to appreciate and use all my gifts insofar as they help you develop as a loving person. But if any of my gifts become the centre of your life, they displace  me and so hinder your growth toward your goal. Your only desire and one choice should be this, to want and to choose what better leads to my deepening my life in you.

Since we are all inspired, we had our dessert at sweet inspiration where we just shared and celebrate what we got even if no one reveal their answer to the question hahahaha looking forward to know their for me...God knows what it is!

I thank the Lord for the great and restful vacation with him, to the person he uses to make this things possible for us..thank you so much to sis iris and brother nino for their  love and support and thanks to gem for without her i wont be able to go home easily, to pritzi and rodel for being an inspiration...yey buy one take one! Hehehe

December 16-18, 2011
San Jose Seminary
Ateneo De Manila University
Katipunan, Quezon City

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trendy Curly Hair

After so many years of long straight hair, i finally decided to do something different, initially i was thinking of a bob cut hairstyle until i saw my friend with a curly hair, i love her hair, and it is fabulous! Without thinking twice i ask her if she can accompany me to salon where she got her hairstyle.

Surprisingly my friend brings me at Tony and Jackey to have my hair curled. Wow... The place itself is cozy and cute! My friend recommended me to do a regular perm but apparently when the Korean hairstylist check the condition of my hair she recommended me to cut my hair short, layered and apply hair treatment to avoid hair damage i actually didn’t get what the Korean told me.... good thing there is a Filipino who interpreted everything to me hahahhaha

I was amazed with the Korean hairstylist as she cut my hair and trimmed my bangs for only 3-5 minutes. So okay, that was fast! Well it was actually! The assistant then washed my hair and applied the hair treatment to protect my hair from damage, put on the heating machine and set the timer for 10minutes. I was impressed how the Korean works from one customer to another, she moves fast together with her assistant and yey its my turn again she applied the perming solution for 10minutes, rinsed it off and prepped my hair to be attached to the "octopus" digital perming machine. Her assistant applied another solution which is supposed to be the keratin to lock in the shine. After about 15 minutes, they removed my hair from the curling machine and I was amazed because my curls were so gorgeous.

While waiting i was pleasantly surprised to find out that they have digital mirrors, meaning i can use the mirror to browse the Internet but am not comfortable checking my Facebook on a mirror that’s visible to everyone in the salon so i just watch video in You Tube.

The whole process took about 3 hours. Thanks to my dear friend Lara who patiently waits on me. The Korean hairstylist didn’t advise me anything on how should i do after instead she encourages me to purchase their product wwhaaaa it’s a hefty amount already and i can’t afford it. Anyway my friend advises me to leave permed hair unwashed on the next day and i can just buy the same products outside.

The next couple of weeks is the real test of how long my curls would last but I'm praying for the best! Out of 10 people, they like my new hair style!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sagada turned Baguio Trip

We were having our Chapter Household then when it was announced that there will be a four-day long weekend towards the end of August due to National Heroes Day and end of Ramadan, the first thing that comes to our mind is to have an out of town trip, Yehey in Sagada.

Arrangement and accommodation has been made by our dear ate Lorie, when i heard in the news the coming of Typhoon Mina. It was signal number 1 then in Benguet and the travel agency deliberately says upon their monitoring everything was cleared. I just thought that if anyone of my group doesn’t want to go, i may defer also the trip but no one does.

The day has come, when we left Manila around 11pm, it was not raining and everyone is excited for long weekend and to see the wonderful creature of God but when we reached Tarlac, Pangasinan and the rest of the town the rain was pouring and i wasn’t able to sleep seeing the flood from every town and knowing what’s waiting for us in a middle of typhoon. All throughout the trip instead of sleeping i was praying and it is the longest ever prayer i did. The hills scarred me a bit.

Yehey, the night is over we were able to surpass the floods, the rocky road, the strong wind, the rain but not the landslide and erosion...yes due to landslide we stopped for more than an hour then suddenly the driver decided that it was not safe to move on and the road is not passable.

Guess what we are near Sagada already 2 hours nalang!, when we turned back and look for a place where we can stay for awhile. We stopped in a Mountain Lunch Restaurant where we had our breakfast; it was so cold and windy. By after lunch it was broadcast that Benguet is in Signal #2, wwhoooaa then finally the group decided to stay for overnight in Baguio and that the travel agency will return our funds.

We were able to reach Baguio safely and thanked the heavens that we had a safe, albeit a quite frightening trip. However, the group wants to go to Vigan instead but I was uncertain and so I stand to just stay in Baguio and enjoy the cold weather, good thing the rest of my friends stayed.

Inspite of the typhoon in Baguio we were able to hear the mass, shop and go around the city.

One thing i realized, never to ignore the message of  God. It’s not appropriate to travel in times of typhoons.

Fianlly, it certainly feels like more of the adventure I was looking for, maybe summer is the best time!